What is an electronic cigarette?


Electronic cigarettes do not burn like normal cigarettes – they are – like the name is suggesting already – electronic. The ‘smoke’ coming from the cigarette when you exhale is just vapor plus there is no need to tap any ash.

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes allow smokers to participate again actively in the daily life without harming or harassing fellow citizens or having to fear that they are being discriminated because of their habit.

The usual smell of cigarette smoke which is not well received by a lot of people is no longer a problem. You only inhale flavored water vapor with or without nicotine. Just as you wish. The e-cigarette simulates smoking ‘the real thing’ by supplying just the right amount of nicotine.

When smoking tobacco around 4.000 different substances are set free during inhaling. 78 of these are harmful and tumorgenic like arsene or tar. E-cigarettes only warm up the atomized liquid and therefore only simulate the process of burning tobacco.

So on top there is a health aspect. While you inhale hundreds of potentially toxic substances when smoking a real cigarette you nearly only inhale the nicotine included in the liquid that is used for your e-cigarette.

A lot of consumers use the electronic cigarettes to gradually lower their nicotine and cigarette consumption – and they have been very successful. It is a way better alternative than nicotine patches or gums as you don’t have to give up the habit of inhaling and exhaling immediately.

However, of course it is up to you whether you use the e-cigarette to stop smoking traditional cigarettes or if you want to experience the future way of smoking.